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The Lights and Sounds Buggy Driver is full of fun activities for your baby, so they can pretend to drive around and play in their pushchair whenever you’re out and about. The Buggy Driver has a steering wheel to turn, horn to beep, ignition handle to turn with realistic sounds, moving gear stick with lights, buttons to press, mirrors to peer into and lots of lights and sounds to enjoy. With adjustable clips to easily attach the Buggy Driver onto the sides of your baby’s pushchair, they can enjoy entertainment on the go whenever you’re out and about.

Your young baby can explore their buggy steering wheel toy with their hands and begin building strength and coordination in their little fingers. Being rewarded with lights and sounds when they press, push or turn encourages your baby to interact with the Lights and Sounds Buggy Driver, and helps them discover cause and effect for themselves. The bright colours and the sounds stimulate your baby’s senses and encourage them to look, listen, touch and feel. Looking into mirrors is a great way for your baby to gain spatial awareness ”” and they can enjoy discovering themselves in the mirror too.

Fun Lights and Sounds puishchair steering wheel toy
Wheel, horn, gear stick, radio, mirrors and indicators
Clips on to your baby’s pushchair
The Buggy Driver fits many pushchairs
Great for keeping your baby happy on the move

Requires AA 2 Pack batteries (tidak termasuk) 

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